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technical assessments

Understand first, act second

We offer a comprehensive technical assessment process as one path to begin helping you gain more from technology.

A... what?

"Technical assessment" may sound fairly nebulous, but the concept is simple and concrete. Technology systems are intricate and organic, and after years of assembling a set of tools to run your business piecemeal there's a good chance you've lost track of what exactly you have, let alone how it is (or isn't) benefiting you. During an assessment, someone with a fresh perspective but a strong understanding of business and technology provides two basic things to you: 1) a clear description of how you currently utilize your technology investments, and 2) recommendations on how bringing new technologies into your organization, or re-organizing existing technologies, can improve your bottom line.

How do we get there?

An assessment is more than an engineer camping in your server room for days at a time. To be valuable an assessment needs to involve stakeholders, users, vendors, and perhaps even your customers. The assessment is first and foremost about your business - and only with an understanding of how you operate can your consultant begin to understand how you are - and should be - leveraging technology. We will, of course, dig deeply into your technical systems along the way, but with a foundation of understanding of your needs that allows us to make intelligent contrasts and recommendations on where you are and where you need to be.

Now what do I do with this?

If you feel that you need to be a technical expert to understand the assessment you were just handed, you are working with the wrong consultant. The assessment should guide your future purchasing decisions and validate that the investments you have already made are paying dividends in productivity, efficiency and reliability. Some specific questions your assessment will answer include:

  • How much risk do I have in my technology systems?
  • What sort of resources do I need to allocate towards maintenance?
  • When should I expect to need to make investments in upgrades?

Looking for more information on how this process can benefit you? Contact us now and we will walk you through every step of the process.

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